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Archive 2014 / 15 Year 5

Year 5 - 2014/15 - Miss Stoneman

Year 5 have had a busy year so far!

 In the first Autumn term we focused on the topic "Keen to be Green" where we leanred all about environmental issues. We learned about what could happen to different animal species if we did not reduce, reuse and recycle our rubbish waste (or as Miss Stonemen always likes to say "garbage").

Here are some pictures from our trip to the recycling site where we learned about the different ways we can dispose of a variety of materials.

YR5 1   YR5 2

YR5 3   YR5 4

YR5 5   YR5 6

YR5 7   YR5 8

YR5 9  

In Spring 1 our topic (that the entire class was very eager to learn about) was Space!  In science we discussed all of the different planets and their orbital position away from the sun. We became very creative in Art and created collages of the solar system. We then worked in groups to make paper maches of a miniature solar system.

YR5 11   YR5 12

Spring 2 is here and it's Miss Stonemen's favourite time of year as Harry Potter is our novel study! Although the theme across the school is magic, year 5 is also narrowing in on the topic postions! We are learning all about soilds, liquids and gases in Science! In Art, we have created Hogwarts castle scenes by first sketching our work and then blending chalk to bring our art to life! We have also been using three primary colours with paint to create secondary and tertiary colours... Stayed tuned for those pieces of art to be displayed!

YR5 13   YR5 15

In Year 5 Maths we are always working extremely hard on improving our division and mutliplication skills espeically when answering word problems. The past week in Maths we have focused on polygons and coordinates. Students have been using their maths vocabulary to describe regular and irregular polygons. Year 5 has also learned something new by plotting points and determining coordinates on a grid. Here are some pictures created by the students with their polygons and plotting points!

YR5 16

YR5 17 

In Year 5 Literacy we have been working everyday to improve our writing skills. We have put a strong emphasis on writing pieces of work that are more adventurous. The students have really focused on creating complex sentences. Also, all of the students are making sure to include openers, adjectives, adverbs as well as using the appropriate punctuation and to not forget capital letters!


On Thursday afternoon's, year 5 ALWAYS have a blast in Mrs Leggatt's RE and PSHE lessons! The classroom is always buzzing with great discussion and amazing group work.

YR5 21   YR5 22

"like branches of a tree our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one."

Yr5 23