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Archive 2014 / 15 Year 3

Year 3 - 2014/15 - Miss DeSilva

This term, in year 3, we have already been busy!

Our topic is the ROMANS!

 The Romans were famous for the Testudo formation they made with their shields. We decided to make our own shields! We worked in groups, deciding colours together and the block design which showed Roman patterns. We carved our designs from polystyrene and printed them onto our shields. It was fun!

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We've been writing a legend featuring a hero and a beast! To do this, we first learned the story Theseus and the Minotaur through actions, pictures and words.

Before we wrote our own legends, we thought about the qualities a hero has- and what he doesn't have using a Zone of Relevance to help us to sort them!

YR3 3


Divide and Conqeur... notice us playing games to help us know that divisions have remainders. We are divison experts1

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Can you see us making models of 3D shapes using straws? We had to think about the faces, vertices and edges the shapes have. What models can you see us making?

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We also learnt how to tell a prism from a pyramid - a very useful skill to have!

Coming soon .... our next topic - HARRY POTTER: