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Archive 2012 / 13 Year 1

 Welcome to our class! 

Our teacher is Mrs Lukaszewska and our teaching assistant is Mrs Lawley. We also have learning support staff Mrs Kimble, Mrs Pope and Mr Tew.  Every day we learn new skills in Literacy and numeracy, and spend time with year 2 to improve our phonic skills to help us read and write.

Summer Term 2013

 We have had a very busy start of the new term. When we came back to school we decided to find out all about growing plants.


Autumn term 2012


We looked at stories with familiar settings, traditional stories and fairy tales. We learnt how to write a story with our own labels and captions, use a dictionary to help us understand words and write a poem.  This work is by Dylan:

year 1 work 1


We have been learning and understanding shapes, calculating, measuring and securing number facts and learning how to measure with different materials.


Topics for each term bring our work together. In the Autumn Term we were learning all about ourselves, how we are all different from each other but we all have feelings, goals, ideas and dreams.  Celebrations from around the world was another theme, where we looked at different religions such as Diwali, Hannukah, Eid and Christmas - how they all have a meaning to different people, and are all important.

Spring Term 2013

Now the new year has begun, we will find out about differences in toys of today compared with toys our parents, grandparents or great grandparents had when they were children. We will also be visiting a toy museum to look at the differences in toys and how they have changed through the years.


We are looking at stories from a range of cultures, stories and the patterned language. We will also be learning about the meaning of Instructions and how they can help us and pattern and rhyme.


Here our focus is how to solve number problems, describe simple patterns and ways of solving puzzles and problems, explaining choices and decisions.

Coming up later this year...

Once upon a time: Where we will be looking at stories about fantasy worlds, visiting a theatre or having a theatre show visit us to help us create our own story.

Our Surroundings where we will take a look at our home town, differences in buildings and the special buildings around us, making a visit to our local church.  

Finally, to end our school year the theme is the Seaside, including of course a visit to a local beach.  Mrs Carter has not quite decided on which beach to visit though!  Please let her know which you would prefer....

Summer term beach visit: Southend or south seas?  Help your teacher decide...
southend tropicalbeachwallpaper-3
Southend Beach Seychelles