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Archive 2013 / 14 Year 6

Year 6 - 2013/14

Miss Desilva 

Since September

 Year 6, have journeyed on a tour of the Ancient Greeks, knocked on the doors of some Heroes and Villains and spent some time Digging up the Past (there’s more of this to come, by the way - watch this space)!

This half-term, we have kicked off the first week by being launched into the world of Roald Dahl. Year 6 certainly needed some Frobscottle after hearing Miss De Silva’s BFG accent! Let’s just say, the story got us all dreamy ………


              Road Dahl Dreamwork Page 2             Road Dahl Dreamwork Page 4


Next, we looked at some artwork on the theme of Dreams. Here are some of our pictures inspired by them and by our own dreams. Have a ponder over them....

         Road Dahl Dreamwork Page 5 Road Dahl Dreamwork Page 1 


Can you work out what is happening in them?

Do any of them remind you of your own dreams?